Clients Speak


 "You haven't even started using Act! until you've called Chris"  

~ Ross Furukawa, Publisher, Santa Monica Daily Press

"Working with Chris Pumphrey was probably the most important and best investment I made in my business last year. Our operating efficiency skyrocketed, and clients have remarked on our excellent follow-through. I couldn't manage the volume of business that I do without using Act! to its fullest potential."

~ Heather Hutchinson, CFP, Hutchin Financial Management

“There are many other contact management systems from which to choose for my investment firm, including a system that Raymond James offers. I choose Act!, and with Chris as my expert Act! coach, his expertise and support has yielded most effective results for more than a decade. He is a true asset to me and my team.”  

~ Sheri Johnson, Financial Adviser, Raymond James Financial Services Inc., President, Wealth Strategies Inc 

"We are miles and miles ahead of the former database design and we truly appreciate all your help and insight that got us there!" 

~ Erik Berg, Creative Director, Access Destination Services

“With Chris’s Jedi-like database coaching, our non-profit now easefully leaps what used to be daunting organizational hurdles. As Chris says, ACT truly is the brain of your organization – this is a powerful foundation to create for any business, especially in times of staff transition and growth. Thank you Chris and ACT!” 

~ Ann Stevenson, Turning the Wheel

"Chris is a true professional in an industry where it is often difficult to get quality service.  Chris has exceeded our expectations and helped us drive new revenue.  I’d highly recommend Chris to any small business looking to grow."

~ Scott Trujillo, Sales Manager, Sacramento Magazine

"Chris has worked with myself and my staff over the years making sure we are up to date on our ACT! skills and are getting the most out of using a Contact Management system. Chris knows his stuff, is great to work with, and you will make back whatever you pay him many times over in added efficiencies for yourself and your organization. I would highly recommend Chris for all of your ACT! needs!" 

~ Greg Roquet, President, Murphy Business and Franchise Network

"Chris is a great asset for recruiters using ACT!. I highly recommend you contact Chris if you are using ACT for any business."

~ George Meek, Placement Specialist, Top Wood Jobs

"ACT is a terrific business tool!  But, your coaching has made me really appreciate everything ACT can do for a small business owner.  After struggling with database software applications for years, I’m finally beginning to understand the process."

~ Jim Brown, Placement Specialist, Jim Brown Associates

"Our company needed a database that would track customers’ projects, manage marketing mailings, and schedule the day-to-day customer appointments. Chris listened to our needs, expanded our horizons and customized a database designed specifically for our company’s use. Our new database is streamline, easy to use, and most importantly, saves us time and money. I would highly recommend Chris Pumphrey for your next database project."

~ LeeAnn Kress, Office Manager, Valley Communications Inc.

"Clarke & Rush Mechanical, Inc. has been using the ACT program for several years now.  Awhile ago we needed some help with the program, so I did some searching and found Chris Pumphrey in the Sacramento Magazine as an ACT program specialist. He is wonderful, knows his stuff, very helpful and prompt with assistance. I like the fact that he remotely connects as well. Thank you again for your great expertise."

~ Jackie Adams, Controller, Clarke & Rush Mechanical, Inc.

"I have used ACT! software since 1996. I have always struggled to learn ACT!’s new features, maintain existing functions and utilize more of ACT’s advanced features. Chris has been a bright light in a long tunnel. His ability to teach how to use ACT- easily tweak ACT! to make it perform- teach multiple employees at one time how to use ACT! while they sit at their work stations- in addition to helping me envision how to better to use ACT! in my business takes a great load off my back. Thanks a bunch."

~ Archie L. Thomas, President, Kinetico Water Systems of MT

"I freaked out when I thought I had lost my entire Young Living Data base of 12 yrs. worth of notes and necessary information when someone had transferred information from one computer to my new one. The person who helped me with that transfer took off to Mexico for a month. THEN I called Chris and within minutes he had me up and going again.  When I am on the phone with Chris I feel that he is sitting right next to me patiently explaining things and competently doing his magic.  He knows ACT like no one else I know. He is extremely professional and he is DA MAN when it comes to DATA BASES and making people more effective."

~ MaryAnn McDonnell, Young Living Oils

"Chris, Wow….you are a miracle worker!!! I cant believe how much you have improved our ACT! systems, and the ease at which I can now use my ACT! software. I have seen improvements with my clients responses and increased revenue. You are so easy to work with…you really present the information at my level..which I so appreciate. If I knew how easy this was I would have hired you a lot sooner!!! Again, thank you for all you have done for me and my business."

~ In Passion, Cherisse Zelesky, Zelesky & Associates

"I have died and gone to heaven! Great program and wonderful help on your part. Or is it the other way around?"

~ Marty Hinds, Sales, K-SWISS

"I enthusiastically recommend Chris to anyone who needs help with ACT. I've been in the long-term care insurance business for ten years now and have built up a large client database. At some point, my entire database became corrupted. I heard about Chris from a friend and called him. He was able to work remotely on my computer. He completely cleaned up my database for me, saving me much grief. Chris is great to work with and charges a fair price."

~ Howard Gottlieb, LTC Financial Partners

"Through remote web access, Chris was able to streamline our Act database in just a matter of minutes. We explained our process, and Chris customized our database accordingly. He cleaned it up, added new fields, and created a much more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing layout. As a result, our process and client/candidate management is far more efficient which we expect will impact our bottom line...resulting in laser focused searches, and ultimately more placements. Chris was pleasant, patient, knowledgeable and eager to help."

~ Betsi Rosen, President, Cutting Edge Jobs

"What I've learned from you is now saving me a day a week!"

~ Robert Wheaton, Rober Wheaton Associates LLC 

"Within the first hour we learned more than we had learned in six months on our own. My staff and I are now meeting with Chris once a week for a class over the internet. This has proved to be the best investment our Company has made for Education. I recommend Chris to anyone and everyone who needs help with their ACT programs. Chris is patient, caring, and great to work with."

~ Deborah Stevens, Publisher, Marketplace Magazines 

"Chris has been helping me with all of my ACT software needs for the last three years, and even in a slow market when I am spending little money on anything, the one thing I will continue to keep up is my constant connections with my database.  When I first came over to my company a couple years ago, one of my coworkers had one of their ACT people come in and do some work, and I had them just take a look at something while they were there, and it turned into a very expensive very long ordeal.  I assumed they knew what they were doing, but I went ahead and called Chris anyway to see what he had to say.  He came to my office and after 10 minutes had the previously predicted very expensive problem fixed….just like that!  I had never used anyone else for my ACT needs before and I will NEVER let anyone else ever touch my ACT program ever again.  Chris really knows his stuff, and if by some chance he doesn’t have the answer, he knows how to get it quickly.  Thank you Chris for all the expertise you have provided me and the great advice as I continue to expand.  Please know that you can’t retire until I do! Your fan and client for life."

~ Paula Harvey, Certified Mortgage Planner, 

"Chris Pumphrey is a wealth of information and helped literally get our ACT together. Our prospective clients and staff are amazed at our follow up abilities which really demonstrates the heart of our business, "commitment to excellence and intentional leadership!"  There is no way that we could manage our prospects without the opportunities management portion of this amazing program and forecasting which ultimately helps our Project Management team with planning. We would not survive without ACT - thank you Chris!"

~ Joy Porter, Vice President, SIPP Home Systems 

"I'm on my way again. You always cut to the chase, get me past my blocks, free me to move forward. My business depends on ACT!"

~ John Van Dorp, TNT Lighting and Solar


"One hour with Chris is worth at least ten hours of my time trying to deal with error messages or figure things out by myself.  I would recommend to anyone, even with experience (I have been using Act for 6 or 7 years) to consult with Chris for a couple of hours. His knowledge & experience is far more valuable than the dollar cost of his time.  Like the saying goes, stick to what you know & hire someone with expertise in other fields."

~ Robyn G. Jackson, Sr. Investment Advisor, Sperry Van Ness

"Chris is a wealth of knowledge, and worth every penny we have invested in his services."

~ Shannon Mooney, Vice President/CFO, Laser Recharge

"Chris Pumphrey's ACT Coaching has greatly helped to me to manage my business. In the past I used ACT as a glorified address book. Now I use ACT to manage all of my day to day activities including meetings, phone calls, e-mails and follow up correspondence. The customized letter templates and sales reporting tools are fantastic. Chris's ability to provide these services remotely have proven to be invaluable. It has allowed our team to get quick and useful information from different locations at the same time in order to get the most out of the product and our sales efforts."

~ Mike Long, Account Executive, Pacific Storage Company

"This guy made our ACT! database sing!" 

~ Rick Aguilar, Principal, Construction Consulting Company

"We were dead in the water. On the eve of several important mailings, my ACT database got corrupted--and my backup proved defective. Chris got us up and running. He's a solution-finder--when the obvious methods didn't produce the results we'd hoped for. Thanks to Chris, our mailings went out on time--and we're already getting calls." 

~ Maureen A. Jung, Institute of Management Consultants

"It would have probably taken me days or weeks to figure out what I learned in less than an hour with Chris. Highly recommended!"

~ Paul Green, President, Green Light Marketing

"Chris has helped us get on track, and stay on track with ACT!"

~ Glenn Kenes, First Vice President - Investments, Prudential Financial

"Chris Pumphrey can take an outdated, unorganized database and turn it into a salesperson's dream database!"

~ Tami Sauer and Kristin Wanden, ACT! Certified Consultants

"The on-line training and support sessions have been extremely helpful and productive."

~ Scott Danehauer, Certified Financial Planner, Meridian Wealth Management

"It has been very convenient to train over the internet and phone. Chris just logs in with us and helps us whenever and with whatever is needed.. it couldn't be easier!"

~Keri Larson, Loan Partner, Fidelity Capital Lending

"Chris, I just wanted to write you a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the services you provide that have assisted me in making ACT! work more productively.  With your knowledge and easy-going manner, this has opened my eyes to new ways of automating work which was previously done manually.  Your on-going support after coming to my office has been wonderful - you always get back to me in a timely manner and always eager to help."

~ Phyllis So, Sperry Van Ness

"Chris called through an entire directory of three thousand clock buyers, promoting our company's 50th Anniversary Special.  The results were far beyond our expectations.  This promotion resulted in a tremendous surge in new business and it left our ACT! database in tip-top-shape."

~ Woody Young, CEO, California Clock Company

"Thank you for the great series of ACT! classes you taught. You were well organized, covered the material effectively, and gave me many useful examples of how to maximize the use of ACT! for our company. Even though I have used ACT! for over 8 years, I still learned something new and valuable every class."

~ Marvin McCarthy, Quality Control Manager, Dome Printing 

"your contribution to our database telemarketing program continues to add value to this day.  Thanks Chris!"

~ Larry Jones & Elizabeth Van Buren, EVB Essential Oils 

"I want to thank you for all your excellent advice.  For several months we have worked to implement your many suggestions and as a result, our literature, telephone procedures, and other PR elements are providing much stronger results."

~ Stuart Williams - Ley, Santa Clara Valley School

"Chris has been a real life saver.  He has been right there with solutions when I encounter problems or questions with ACT! and he always seems to get me where I want to go."

~ Ron Seward, Loan Officer, Fair Oaks Mortgage