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With over 30 years in the industry, I share my passion by partnering with clients to ramp up and optimize their Act!-based business platforms.

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Chris Pumphrey, Act! Certified Consultant


 Adviser, Coach, Mentor, Innovator, Detective, Advocate, Geek, Friend

30+ years hands-on Act! experience 

Chris wears many hats. It’s not that usual to find a consultant who fulfills so many roles. Whether he’s teaching a client how to use an undiscovered Act! feature, mentoring someone through an email marketing campaign, doing the dirty work of cleaning up an unruly database, or fixing a technical issue, Chris loves doing it all. 

Chris started his professional career as the sales manager for the California Clock Company. That’s the company that makes the Kit Kat clock, you know the one with the eyes and tail that move back and forth? His directive was to increase sales, and use Act! to help get there. The year was 1988. Act! came in a box.

It was Chris’ own success as a user that inspired him to connect and share his skills, knowledge and insight with others. Today, years later, Chris has not lost touch with his roots. He is instilled with a sense of dedication and commitment to help that small- to medium-sized business get the most out of their CRM.